The support team at Western Sizzlin will share with you the tools you need to grow your business. Unlike other businesses, this support is available long after your grand opening. We provide technical assistance in the following areas:

Before You Open

  • Training: Our training program is designed to put you on the fast track to success. The intense schedule is crafted to target very specific thorough objectives. Franchisees receive eight weeks of training prior to opening.
  • Site Selection: The Western Sizzlin team will share demographic research and studies with you to determine compatibility for the proposed site.
  • Equipment: Ordering Specifications for the equipment package will be given to you and our vendors will pass along the savings to you.
  • Restaurant Design: Western Sizzlin will supply you with the latest prototype plans for the building. Everything has been planned down to the interior design package.
  • Contact Support: A Franchise Field Consultant is available to guide you throughout the process of opening your own Western Sizzlin, from the restaurant’s inception to your grand opening.

After You Open

  • Operating Manuals: Our in-depth manuals will prove to be an important reference throughout your business’ growth and covers a full range of topics to assist you in operations.
  • Field Support: Your field consultant is accessible from the beginning stages of your franchise and will help get you started. He or she will continue to provide operational evaluations as your business grows.
  • Franchise Services: Western Sizzlin support personnel remain just a phone call or email away to assist you in operations and marketing.
  • Continuing Education: You will receive periodic email and other mailings. Further training classes and videos are also available

Build Your Business as a Franchisee with a Recipe of Success!

Western Sizzlin, Inc., based in Virginia has a unique way of grilling steaks: specially seasoned with Gold Dust® and searing them to lock in the flavor. Today this is known as the world famous FlameKist® steak.

Our famous FlameKist® steak is served to thousands of hungry customers daily. We're building an operating franchise culture dedicated to 100% Customer satisfaction! We have centered this on the basics that deliver great customer service including Cleanliness, Hospitality, Consistency, Product Quality and Speed. Our main focus is to perform with passion, urgency and excellence, so that we will compel same store sales growth in every restaurant.

Foundation to our success as a company is the franchisees that build and run our restaurants. All franchisees’ brings excellence to life in the more than 98% of restaurants they own.

We are looking for new dynamic franchisees to join our growing family and share in our passion for 100% Customer satisfaction by putting a smile on each satisfied customers' face.

The first step in our qualification process is to complete an application. Fill out the form and get started, or call 1-555-5555555

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